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INTRODUCTION industrial fan

Industrial fans, shown in Figure 2, have to be balanced due to imperfections during manufacturing; however the balancing process cannot compensate for mass imbalances that occur due to build-up of debris or erosion of the fan blades during operation. Improperly balanced, or damaged fans, and those with debris on the blades experience severe vibration issues which increase power consumption and noise emissions, and decrease product efficiency.

The XYO balancer can overcome deficiencies in the manufacturing process and compensate for imbalance changes while fans are operational.


The objective of the testing was to quantify the benefits of reduced vibration for fans operating with a prototype XYO balancer.

TEST OVERVIEWindustrial fan

The testing was performed on three fans:

  • A factory-balanced fan
  • An unbalanced fan without XYO
  • An unbalanced fan with XYO installed

Vibration was measured with two velocity transducers mounted to the fan housing as shown in Figure 3.

Mass imbalances ranging from 0 to 21.65 grams were imposed at a radius of 100mm, giving a maximum imbalance of 2165g.mm. Six different mass imbalances were tested with and without the prototype XYO balancer: 0.00g, 7.25g, 9.25g, 11.25g, 16.45g and 21.65g. industrial fan

Screws were placed at a radius of 100mm from the geometric center of the impeller to simulate the mass imbalance. The prototype XYO balancer was fitted to the unbalanced fan by removing the existing hub of the impeller (Figure 4). The fan assembly was supported on resilient mounts, secured in normal locations. The prototype XYO balancer was designed to compensate for a maximum of 2700g.mm of mass imbalance.

Note: the XYO balancer can be designed to compensate for larger mass imbalances if desired.

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