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vibration test results

IC Engine current state

The data presented in this report is based on an independent study of engines using a prototype XYO Balancer design. Test results during preliminary stages of the development showed several improvements brought about by reducing vibration.
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IC engine results highlights - Page 1

The XYO technology reduces vibration by compensating for variable mass imbalance during operation of an engine. Tests show that the XYO system has a significant impact on reducing transverse and torsional vibration.

Transverse vibration was reduced by 56% (Figure 1) and torsional vibration was reduced by 57% (Figure 2 located in downloable report) with an XYO balancer.


Transverse Vibration Decreased by 56%

ic engine vibration measurement

without xyo
with xyo


  • The results in this report are based upon previous XYO custom designs. While the results shown are significantly positive, it is possible to exceed and improve upon these results.

  • Perpetual Industries is looking for a capable partner that needs the competitive advantage that XYO can provide.

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