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An optical disk drive (ODD) is a peripheral device in a computer. The mass imbalance of optical disks can lead to severe vibration. Since excessive vibration can have negative impacts (e.g., increased energy consumption, reduced acceleration and spin rates, and increased mechanical wear) manufacturers have tried several techniques to reduce or eliminate vibration. optical disk driveSome of these techniques include increasing the mass of the ODD case to reduce vibration amplitudes and using data buffering systems and counterweights. These options do not reduce vibration at its source and in some cases impose unacceptable levels of stress to the electrical drive.

Test Objective

The objective of the test was to determine the impact that an XYO system would have on reducing the vibration of optical disk drives (Figure 2).

Test Overview

Our research indicated that greater than 90% of optical disks have a mass imbalance between 2 and 6g.mm. Mass imbalances of 2 to 10g.mm were used during testing.

An XYO balancer, designed to continuously and dynamically balance at a variety of rotational speeds, was built into an ODD mechanism with a capacity of 8g.mm (Figure 3).

Note: The XYO balancer can compensate for greater mass imbalances if desired.

To compare the vibration level with and without the XYO balancer, an accelerometer was mounted in the horizontal plane in line with the motor rotational axis at a distance of 40 mm (Figure 4).

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