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Propeller quality has a large impact on both the feel and mechanical reliability of marine applications. Mass imbalance has a large impact on the vibration level of a prop and hence the quality. boat propDuring operation of a propeller, there are many ways for it to become unbalanced such as: cavitation damage, debris impact damage, and in the extreme case a broken or severely mangle blade. A severely damaged blade has the potential to damage the boat’s drive train and damage other valuable equipment. Traditional balancing techniques are time consuming and do not maintain their balance over the life of the blade, and cannot protect from severe unforeseen damage.

XYO is a mechanical balancing technology that is able to compensate for variable mass imbalances. A propeller equipped with XYO is able to compensate for the residual imbalance out of production and the imbalance generated by damage to the blade occurring during normal use. XYO applies to all rotational machinery, but is perfectly suited to marine propeller applications.

TEST OBJECTIVEboat propboat prop

The objective of the test was to determine the impact that an XYO system would have on the vibration of propellers (Figure 3). Specifically, the objectives of the test were to demonstrate:

  • The vibration of a propeller with an XYO balancer would be less than that of a factory-balanced propeller
  • The XYO technology could compensate for significant
    propeller damage, thus
    boat propenabling the operator to
    “get back home” if such
    an event occurred

Balancer Prototype

The XYO balancer (Figure 2) was designed to fit behind the propeller (Figure 3) and has a smooth profile to limit flow obstruction.

The balancer was designed to be threaded onto the propeller shaft and secured with a nut (Figure 5). The balancer was designed to compensate for 2,330g.mm of imbalance. This was based on the worst case of 21mm of blade loss from the tip of the blade. Figure 4 depicts this material loss.

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