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angle grinderPower tools have been known to induce the risk of vibration-related diseases. An acute disease that is caused by regular exposure to hand-arm vibration (HAV) is known as white finger or Raynaud’s disease. There are also other vibration-related diseases such as: permanent and painful numbness and tingling in the hands and arms, painful joints and muscle weakening, damage to bones in the hands and arms.

Vibration issues have been an important topic in the power tool sector ever since the EU guideline 2002/44/EC, where the employer can be held liable for vibration-induced injuries. Depending on the vibration value associated with a power tool the daily usage has limited as shown by Figure 2.

According the EU guidelines, shown in Figure 2, a power tool can be used continuously if the vibration level is at 2.5 m/s2-rms or less, while a power tool with a vibration level of 5.0 m/s2-rms will be limited to 8 hours of usage per day.

Some factors that contribute to angle grinder vibration include: angle grinder

  • unbalanced grinding disks
  • alignment or meshing of gears
  • straightness of the spindle
  • rigidity of the housing
  • abrasive action of the grinding disk on the work piece

The main cause of vibration in an angle grinder is due to the changing mass imbalance of the grinding disk during operation (Figure 3).

Manufacturers have introduced anti-vibration handles and gloves to reduce the exposure to vibration but they do not cure the problem, and most workers do not like the reduced precision that is associated when these methods are employed.

The XYO balancer can compensate for dynamic or static unbalanced forces during operation. As a result, the XYO balancer-equipped angle grinder will continue to provide consistent performance even when the mass imbalance varies as the grinding disk wears during use.

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