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The XYO technology shows significant improvements in angle grinder performance during independent studies. Perpetual Industries wants to work with innovative power tool manufacturers to optimize and implement the XYO balancer in their product.
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The XYO balancer reduces vibration by compensating for variable mass imbalance during the operation of an angle grinder. Tests show that the XYO balancer has a significant impact on the performance of an angle grinder.

Benefits of reduced vibrations include:

  • Preventing vibration-related health issues
  • Allowing longer product usage without discomfort
  • Better wear life of grinding disks
  • Greater warranty life of the product

Angle Grinder

Vibration Decreased by 63%

angle grinder
without xyo
with xyo


  • The results in this report are based on prototype XYO balancer designs for two different angle grinder models; another report is available specifically for a Rockwell angle grinder.
  • While the results shown are significantly positive, it is possible to exceed and improve upon these results with further optimization.
  • Perpetual Industries is looking for a capable and innovative partner that needs the competitive advantage that XYO can provide.

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