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The XYO balancer reduces vibration by compensating for variable mass imbalance during the spin cycle of washing machines. The benefits of reduced vibrations include:

  • higher spin speeds
  • reduced energy consumption
  • lower noise emissions
  • less mechanical wear

Tests show that the XYO system has a significant impact on performance of the washing machine. Vibrations measured at various locations on the washer tub and body showed a dramatic improvement with an XYO prototype balancer. Energy consumption, spin speeds and noise emissions were also improved with the XYO balancer technology.

Washing Machine

Vibration Decreased by 89%

washing machine vibration
without xyo
with xyo


  • The results in this report are based on a prototype XYO balancer for a GE front-loading washing machine, model GCV46800JWW. A separate report is available for two other front and top-loading washing machines, showing similar improvements using XYO.
  • A 1kg mass imbalance load was chosen as a good representation on an unbalanced load. However, the XYO balancer can compensate for a much larger unbalanced mass if desired.
  • While the results are positive, it is possible to further improve the washing machine’s performance and realize further benefits with refinements to the system.

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