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Vibration Information for rotating machinery applications.


XYO Technology on Wind Turbines

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Wind turbines are prone to vibration problems. According to research data, about 40% of all wind turbines have high vibrations which exceed vibration limits. These vibrations cause structural loads, increased wear, adverse start-up conditions, and often vibration-related shutdowns. Most vibration problems are detected too late. Condition monitoring systems—often used to measure vibration levels—are not always able to interpret the measured signals correctly. Downtime can occur more often as wind turbines age. Read More

Machine Orientation

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Vibration in machines is affected by their orientation and the way they are suspended. A vertical pump will vibrate differently than a horizontal pump. The horizontal pump’s movement may be restricted in the vertical direction as compared to horizontal. Vibration levels in horizontal and vertical directions are not expected to be equal. If we measure and plot the displacements taken in horizontal and vertical directions, we find that the orbit plot is not round, egg shape. We call it an anisotropic system. Read More

The Importance of Balancing for Energy Efficiency

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Imperfections during manufacturing usually impact the balance in rotating machinery. It is expected that the center of rotation and the center of mass will not coincide perfectly, causing a mass imbalance in the system. Manufacturers currently overcome this issue by using specialized machinery to detect the location of imbalance; they then add or remove material from the machine accordingly to correct the situation. Read More