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The Importance of Balancing for Energy Efficiency

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Imperfections during manufacturing usually impact the balance in rotating machinery. It is expected that the center of rotation and the center of mass will not coincide perfectly, causing a mass imbalance in the system. Manufacturers currently overcome this issue by using specialized machinery to detect the location of imbalance; they then add or remove material from the machine accordingly to correct the situation.

Balancing rotating equipment is critical when trying to create an energy efficient product. Mass imbalances cause significant vibration due to the exertion of centripetal forces during rotation. Vibration generates heat and noise, which are forms of wasted energy; the energy is not being directed towards useful work and reduces product efficiency.

Becoming more energy efficient has become a global objective because of the realization that we have a limited supply from our current energy sources. Several organizations have been setup to monitor and set standards for energy efficiency. Energy Star is one of the organizations that is actively involved in setting efficiency standards in several areas, including home appliances.

Washing machines are an example where energy efficiency is important because of their prevalence and usage in most modern households. Wet laundry causes a large mass imbalance that creates excessive vibration and reduces energy efficiency. Vibration also prevents washing machines from spinning faster and extracting more water from the clothes during the spin cycle, which adds to the cost of drying them later. With millions of washing machines being sold annually it is important that we find methods to reduce their energy consumption by addressing the issue of vibration.

It is evident that balancing is essential in rotating machines in order to increase energy efficiency. Imbalances cause significant vibrations that wastes energy. Perpetual Industries patented XYO Balancer can be an important value-added technology for creating energy efficient products because of its ability to automatically and dynamically compensate for changes in mass imbalance, which conventional balancing processes lack.


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