XYO Mechanical Balancing Technology

Everything that rotates needs to be balanced

This website contains engineer reports with results pertaining to specific rotating machinery applications that have been tested using Perpetual Industries’ proprietary XYO Technology.

XYO Mechanical Balancer

The XYO Mechanical Balancing Technology is Perpetual Industries‘ proprietary technology. 

XYO is designed specifically to eliminate vibration in rotating equipment to create energy-efficient, environmentally responsible products.

How Does XYO Work?

XYO technology

Engineering Test Reports

washing machine

Washing Machine

Vibration Decreased by 89%
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Industrial Fan

Vibration Decreased by 83%

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Vibration Decreased by 63%​

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cd rom

Optical Disk Drive

Vibration Decreased by 93%

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Boat Propeller

Vibration Decreased by 47%

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drive shaft

Drive Shaft

Vibration Decreased by 91%

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Engine Fan

Engine Fan

Vibration Decreased by 80%

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Wire Compressor


Vibration Decreased by 85%

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engine and centrifuge

Engine & Centrifuge

Testing in Progress

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